2009 Top 5 MLB Ballparks

Everyone loves a good list, right?  So here’s ours.  America’s top 5 ballparks for 2009. These reviews come from our personal experiences, as well as the research we continue to pour into our first book (more on that coming soon). I’ve tried to leave the

#5 -Citizen’s Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA: A great mix of [...]

World Series Ballpark Preview

OK.. here we go… Seven games that decide seven months and over 2,500 previous contests to determine baseball’s champion. So, what do you need to know about these ballparks in order to get the most out of the Series.

Homers. Lots and Lots of Homers: these are Earl Weaver stadiums, the perfect place to get [...]

Save Yankee Stadium Gate 2

Initial Heritage Park Plan

When the new Yankee Stadium was built, there were plans in place about how the grounds of Old Yankee Stadium were to be utilized to create an area known as Heritage Park.  this would include retaining the original playing surface, as well as adding additional softball fields, a soccer/football field [...]

Amanda from “Baseball Stadium Reviews” chimes in with her ballpark tales

Hello, ballpark fans!  This is Amanda Lippert of www.baseballstadiumreviews.com writing a guest blog entry.  Recently, Ticket to the Game posted an entry about women who make stadium road trips, so I was asked to describe my experiences with stadium road trips.  Being a Yankee fan, my first baseball game was back in 1986 at Yankee [...]

Who knew $2,500 / game seats were a bad idea?

Yankee Stadium

After the housing crash and the stock market debacle, I guess $2,500 a game tickets weren’t exactly investment grade anymore.  New stadiums have always been about luxury boxes and corporate revenues, so this shouldn’t be a big surprise.  the Yankees shouldn’t care much either, as the bulk of their real revenue comes [...]