A season ticket holder gives us the inside scoop on Nationals Park

Mark W. is a season ticket holder at Nationals Park. He’s got some great seats just above 3rd base that I have yet to take advantage of (living 400 miles away). We’ve gone together to take the behind the scenes ballpark tour, which is definitely worth the price of admission by the way. However, I [...]

It’s a Trave-sham-spiracy!

I guess Citi-Shea is too fancy for a plain old cardboard sign with a little 1st amendment proselytizing on it. Seems the fine folks at Citi-Shea can’t have you block a $500 seat view with your feelings. [...]

Petco Park

Made our 1st visit out to Petco, and it’s everything that people say it is. It’s in Sand Diego, near the southern tail end of the newly revitalized “Gaslamp District”. Gaslamp is another word for “incredibly overpriced tourist trap restaurants, but there’s literally nothing better in downtown SD than a Jack In the Box to compete with, so what the hell?”… [...]