Avon, Ohio: Interstate Homers?

The Lake Erie Crushers of Avon, Ohio open their new ballpark on June 2, 2009. In the meantime, officials are addressing concerns about the proximity of I-90 and tyhe potential of a foul ball landing in traffic. [...]

It’s a Trave-sham-spiracy!

I guess Citi-Shea is too fancy for a plain old cardboard sign with a little 1st amendment proselytizing on it. Seems the fine folks at Citi-Shea can’t have you block a $500 seat view with your feelings. [...]

Who knew $2,500 / game seats were a bad idea?

Yankee Stadium

After the housing crash and the stock market debacle, I guess $2,500 a game tickets weren’t exactly investment grade anymore.  New stadiums have always been about luxury boxes and corporate revenues, so this shouldn’t be a big surprise.  the Yankees shouldn’t care much either, as the bulk of their real revenue comes [...]