The Lansing Lugnuts Know What It's All About

The Minor Leagues know they have to be different to stand out in a crowded entertainment market. The need to appeal to families, sure, but they also need to continue to surprise and delight us, and give us new reasons to come out to the ballpark for another season of fun and frivolity.

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Ballpark Review: Fluor Field – Greenville, SC

If you love Fenway, but don’t love some of the vagaries of the old ballpark, this is the place. At any point, there are no more than about 21 rows of seating throughout the park, and the 2nd deck is entirely used for private suites and club seating. A fair extent of the infield seats are shaded by the 2nd deck, which can be helpful on a hot summer day in South Carolina. [...]

Charlotte Knights Stadium Fiasco Takes a New Turn

The Charlotte Knights have been negotiating for years to move from their Fort Mill, SC home to a downtown ballpark proposed in Charlotte’s center city.  It appears the town of Fort Mill is getting a little tired of playing the bridesmaid, and is now refusing to continue year-to-year leasing of the current facility to the [...]

Ballpark Review – Lynchburg, VA

Calvin Falwell Field in Lynchburg, VA is the home of the Lynchburg Hillcats. Appropriately, the field is set on a hill, with a view down to some of the surrounding manufacturing. The stadium and adjacent football field stand on the former Lynchburg fairgounds. It’s basically the same park as constructed in 1939 as part of the Works Progress Administration. The old City Stadium received upgrades in 1978 and 1982, but received a major facelift from 2002-2004 that modernized the park, and give it its new name. Cal Falwell is the “king of Baseball” in Lynchburg, and is responsible for helping this small town retain a team for more than 70 years. [...]

A Different Kind of Ballpark List

Usually, when someone makes a list of “The Best Ballparks”, it’s always from the visitors perspective. Here’s a great twist from Dirk Hayhurst, a minor league pitcher who gives an insider’s perspective on what makes a good park to a player. [...]

Charlotte Knights Stadium, Fort Mill, SC

2009 may be the last year for this incarnation of Knights Stadium, if Charlotte’s downtown empresarios have their way. But there’s really nothing at all wrong with this park. It’s an incredibly fan friendly venue, and provides a great way to see a game. It’s main concern is that it’s a suburban ballpark, not close to anything, but not far from anyone either. [...]