2009 Top 5 MLB Ballparks

Everyone loves a good list, right?  So here’s ours.  America’s top 5 ballparks for 2009. These reviews come from our personal experiences, as well as the research we continue to pour into our first book (more on that coming soon). I’ve tried to leave the

#5 -Citizen’s Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA: A great mix of [...]

It’s a Trave-sham-spiracy!

I guess Citi-Shea is too fancy for a plain old cardboard sign with a little 1st amendment proselytizing on it. Seems the fine folks at Citi-Shea can’t have you block a $500 seat view with your feelings. [...]

Shea What?

Love the movement going on from No Mas T-Shirts and UniWatch to call the new Mets ballpark Shea, instead of Citi Field. Here’s a little Photoshop cuteness for those who agree.