We’re Back! 2012 Road Trip Coming Soon

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted.  I’ve been doing some writing over at Stadium Journey, and that’s curtailed my opportunities to write here on Ticket to the Game. I’ve made return visits to Hickory,NC  and Greenville, SC this year, as well as a first visit to Savannah, GA’s Grayson Stadium. But [...]

Ballpark Review: Calfee Park, Pulaski, VA

Original entrance beyond LF

Calfee Park, Pulaski, Va (photo gallery) 700 South Washington Ave Pulaski VA, 24301 (map) Pulaski Mariners, Appalachian League

I’m not sure I could have picked a better start to a 3 day ballpark road trip than Calfee Park in Pulaski, Virginia. Here’s an historic baseball stadium in the tiny town [...]

McCormick Field, Asheville, NC - A Step Back In Time

Historic McCormick Field is a step back in time, literally.  Built originally in 1924, it is one of the oldest active ballparks

Right field wall

in affiliated baseball.  It did have a major rebuilding in the early 90′s replacing wooden structures with concrete, but the general facade and infrastructure remain the same.  The park’s [...]

Amanda from “Baseball Stadium Reviews” chimes in with her ballpark tales

Hello, ballpark fans!  This is Amanda Lippert of www.baseballstadiumreviews.com writing a guest blog entry.  Recently, Ticket to the Game posted an entry about women who make stadium road trips, so I was asked to describe my experiences with stadium road trips.  Being a Yankee fan, my first baseball game was back in 1986 at Yankee [...]

Chicks dig the baseball stadium road trip

As I’ve done research about what drives people to visit multiple ballparks, what surprises me more and more are the women who go out on teir own to visit parks. As I’ve built a small fan group on facebook, it’s almost entirely male dominated, yet the road trip blogs I find are primarily written by women. [...]

Altoona game meetup

UniWatch is one of my favorite sites. Paul Lukas has taken his concept, and made a site that is regularly entertaining and provides a fresh perspective on baseball that few others have even dared to tackle.

His passion for uniform aesthetics is not unlike how I feel about stadiums. Seeing how I believe my readers [...]

Long 4th of July Weekend? Time to Road Trip!

View July 4th Road Trip in a larger map

One of the great benefits of being a ballpark hound is the road trip… How much baseball can you pack into a long weekend? For those of you looking for a great 4 day getaway in the Northeast, here’s an Independence Day bonanza of baseball [...]