Saying Goodbye to Rosenblatt Stadium

I’ve only made one trip to Omaha, and I have to tell you, it’s a bit of a blur. I was on assignment in Des Moines, IA, and I found myself with a free afternoon. I had a rental car, and Omaha was only2 1/2 hours away, so off I went – due West to Omaha, with no real sense of how to get to the ballpark once I reached Nebraska. [...]

The Lansing Lugnuts Know What It's All About

The Minor Leagues know they have to be different to stand out in a crowded entertainment market. The need to appeal to families, sure, but they also need to continue to surprise and delight us, and give us new reasons to come out to the ballpark for another season of fun and frivolity.

On Facebook, [...]

Twins garage sale a success / disaster, depending on who you ask

The Minnesota Twins announced a garage sale to help them clean out the closets of the Metrodome, and get them ready for starting fresh at Target Field in 2010. The promotion of the sale was a rousing success, as thousands of Twins faithful lined up around the dome hours before the sale was supposed to [...]

Offseason Rumblings: Richmond gets a new tenant, and perhaps the 6 worst name choices ever

Richmond, VA – The Diamond

The Diamond in Richmond, Virginia has a new tenant for 2010, after spending 2009 vacant with the loss of the Braves to Gwinnett, Georgia.  The Eastern League has approved the relocation of the Connecticut Defenders to Richmond, a long-speculated rumor that came to fruition in late September.

Of Course, [...]

Save Yankee Stadium Gate 2

Initial Heritage Park Plan

When the new Yankee Stadium was built, there were plans in place about how the grounds of Old Yankee Stadium were to be utilized to create an area known as Heritage Park.  this would include retaining the original playing surface, as well as adding additional softball fields, a soccer/football field [...]

Regionally-specific ballpark food all part of a heinous master plan by “Big Concessions”

One of the things I always look for in the new parks I visit is the way they integrate their local specialties into the concessions menu.  It’s always felt very local and organic – the way a certain institution ingratiates itself into the ballpark fare.

That was until I saw this.  Now it feels as [...]

Bond sale for new Marlins stadium comes up short – team picks up $6M shortfall

Miami is getting closer to breaking ground on a new park for the Florida Marlins, according to  Last night, the sale of bonds to finance construction came up ovber $6 million short of the goal, and the Marlins agreed to pick up the difference.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for later this week, and the park [...]

Another stadium advertising gimmick

Watching the Braves games this weekend, and behind the catcher, on the stadium steps, they’ve added advertising asking fans to vote 25x for Braves all-stars on [...]

Has ballpark food gone too far?

Have stadium concessions gone too far? Are gourmet meals destroying the true ballpark experience? [...]

Charlotte Knights Stadium Fiasco Takes a New Turn

The Charlotte Knights have been negotiating for years to move from their Fort Mill, SC home to a downtown ballpark proposed in Charlotte’s center city.  It appears the town of Fort Mill is getting a little tired of playing the bridesmaid, and is now refusing to continue year-to-year leasing of the current facility to the [...]