Saying Goodbye to Rosenblatt Stadium

I’ve only made one trip to Omaha, and I have to tell you, it’s a bit of a blur. I was on assignment in Des Moines, IA, and I found myself with a free afternoon. I had a rental car, and Omaha was only2 1/2 hours away, so off I went – due West to Omaha, with no real sense of how to get to the ballpark once I reached Nebraska. [...]

50 year old Cheney Park may get $30M facelift

Cheney Park, home of the AAA Tacoma Rainiers since 1960, may be in line for a $30 million  facelift. The team, the PCL and the city all appear to be working harmoniously towards some major improvements that will update an historic facility, and ensure the future of Tacoma baseball for another 20+ years.

Changes are [...]

Ballpark Review: Gwinnett Stadium – 8/22/09

Gwinnett Stadium – Lawrenceville, GA

After a 4 hour drive, interrupted by the temporary closing of I-85, we made our way to Gwinnett Stadium on Saturday night, to watch the Gwinnett Braves and Charlotte Knights square off in a late season match-up.  Per the Gwinnett website, I punched the ballpark address into my GPS, [...]

Charlotte Knights Stadium Fiasco Takes a New Turn

The Charlotte Knights have been negotiating for years to move from their Fort Mill, SC home to a downtown ballpark proposed in Charlotte’s center city.  It appears the town of Fort Mill is getting a little tired of playing the bridesmaid, and is now refusing to continue year-to-year leasing of the current facility to the [...]

Who knew $2,500 / game seats were a bad idea?

Yankee Stadium

After the housing crash and the stock market debacle, I guess $2,500 a game tickets weren’t exactly investment grade anymore.  New stadiums have always been about luxury boxes and corporate revenues, so this shouldn’t be a big surprise.  the Yankees shouldn’t care much either, as the bulk of their real revenue comes [...]

Charlotte Knights Stadium, Fort Mill, SC

2009 may be the last year for this incarnation of Knights Stadium, if Charlotte’s downtown empresarios have their way. But there’s really nothing at all wrong with this park. It’s an incredibly fan friendly venue, and provides a great way to see a game. It’s main concern is that it’s a suburban ballpark, not close to anything, but not far from anyone either. [...]