Ballpark Review: Fieldcrest-Cannon Stadium, Kannapolis, NC

When you go to as lot of minor league games, it’s not uncommon for the buzz in the crowd to be about someone on the visiting team.  this was the case today, as Bryce Harper, the most heralded prospect in the minor leagues played for the Hagerstown Suns.  We arrived 15 minutes before the gates [...]

McCormick Field, Asheville, NC - A Step Back In Time

Historic McCormick Field is a step back in time, literally.  Built originally in 1924, it is one of the oldest active ballparks

Right field wall

in affiliated baseball.  It did have a major rebuilding in the early 90′s replacing wooden structures with concrete, but the general facade and infrastructure remain the same.  The park’s [...]

Ballpark Review: BB&T Ballpark - Winston-Salem, NC

BB&T Ballpark logo

This morning, when I woke up, I realized I saw the wrong game in Winston-Salem yesterday.  I caught the 12:00 noon game of a day/night doubleheader. While we had a great time even though the home team lost 5-0 in just over 2 hours, the second game was a contest [...]

The Lansing Lugnuts Know What It's All About

The Minor Leagues know they have to be different to stand out in a crowded entertainment market. The need to appeal to families, sure, but they also need to continue to surprise and delight us, and give us new reasons to come out to the ballpark for another season of fun and frivolity.

On Facebook, [...]

Ballpark Review: Fluor Field – Greenville, SC

If you love Fenway, but don’t love some of the vagaries of the old ballpark, this is the place. At any point, there are no more than about 21 rows of seating throughout the park, and the 2nd deck is entirely used for private suites and club seating. A fair extent of the infield seats are shaded by the 2nd deck, which can be helpful on a hot summer day in South Carolina. [...]