We’re Back! 2012 Road Trip Coming Soon

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted.  I’ve been doing some writing over at Stadium Journey, and that’s curtailed my opportunities to write here on Ticket to the Game. I’ve made return visits to Hickory,NC  and Greenville, SC this year, as well as a first visit to Savannah, GA’s Grayson Stadium. But [...]

2009 Top 5 MLB Ballparks

Everyone loves a good list, right?  So here’s ours.  America’s top 5 ballparks for 2009. These reviews come from our personal experiences, as well as the research we continue to pour into our first book (more on that coming soon). I’ve tried to leave the

#5 -Citizen’s Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA: A great mix of [...]

World Series Ballpark Preview

OK.. here we go… Seven games that decide seven months and over 2,500 previous contests to determine baseball’s champion. So, what do you need to know about these ballparks in order to get the most out of the Series.

Homers. Lots and Lots of Homers: these are Earl Weaver stadiums, the perfect place to get [...]

A season ticket holder gives us the inside scoop on Nationals Park

Mark W. is a season ticket holder at Nationals Park. He’s got some great seats just above 3rd base that I have yet to take advantage of (living 400 miles away). We’ve gone together to take the behind the scenes ballpark tour, which is definitely worth the price of admission by the way. However, I [...]

Hey! I came to Coors Field to see the mountain vistas, not a ballgame

Came across this story, where the city of Denver is passing legislation giving “air rights” to the surrounding neighborhood to the staium authority.

At first, I thought his was a pretty lame move.. telling a property owner they couldn’t build something taller than 86 feet high on their own land.  But, once I saw the [...]

Bond sale for new Marlins stadium comes up short – team picks up $6M shortfall

Miami is getting closer to breaking ground on a new park for the Florida Marlins, according to MiamiHerald.com.  Last night, the sale of bonds to finance construction came up ovber $6 million short of the goal, and the Marlins agreed to pick up the difference.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for later this week, and the park [...]

Another stadium advertising gimmick

Watching the Braves games this weekend, and behind the catcher, on the stadium steps, they’ve added advertising asking fans to vote 25x for Braves all-stars on mlb.com. [...]

Avon, Ohio: Interstate Homers?

The Lake Erie Crushers of Avon, Ohio open their new ballpark on June 2, 2009. In the meantime, officials are addressing concerns about the proximity of I-90 and tyhe potential of a foul ball landing in traffic. [...]

Petco Park

Made our 1st visit out to Petco, and it’s everything that people say it is. It’s in Sand Diego, near the southern tail end of the newly revitalized “Gaslamp District”. Gaslamp is another word for “incredibly overpriced tourist trap restaurants, but there’s literally nothing better in downtown SD than a Jack In the Box to compete with, so what the hell?”… [...]