Coors Field

Coors Field - Denver, CO

Coors Field, home of the Rockies

June 22, 2010 marked my 2nd visit to Coors Field, and I returned from this one similarly impressed to my first visit.  It’s hard to believe this park has been open for 15 years already, because there’s so much about it that still feels new.

Coors Field was built in LoDo – lower downtown Denver, as the hub of a revitalization project. As such, it’s brick and steel facade fits neatly in the neighborhood alongside bars, restaurants and the landmark Union Station. The quickest entrance from union Station takes you into the left field corner, from which the entire park is accessible.

Although we went for a Wednesday night game, we definitely were treated to a playoff atmosphere. As part of the interleague shenanigans, this was Rockies / Red Sox, a rematch of the 2007 World Series, and it was also Ubaldo vs. Lackey, a premium pitching matchup.  The game was virtually sold out, but face value tickets were still easy to come by online, even in premium sections downstairs.

Coors Field - View of the Rockies from the upper deck

Coors Field - View of the Rockies from the upper deck

We sat along the 1st base side, about 20 rows up.  A similar seating to our last visit.  What I had forgotten, was that it’s a pretty tough spot to sit for the 1st few innings, as the sun basically sets in the eyes of the first baseman.   Once it gets dark, you have a spectacular view of the mountains from the upper deck, though… so there’s always a trade-off.  In the future, I’d definitely stick to the 3B side or OF seats to avoid shading my eyes for 5 innings.

Seats in the 2 sections directly over the dugouts on each side have ushers bring kids down over the dugouts every few innings to see if they can get a ball from a player coming in… a really nice fan-friendly touch.

Locals also like the party atmosphere of the Rock Pile, cheap day of game seats in dead centerfield,  The upper deck features a row of purple seats that mark exactly 1 mile above sea level, here in the Mile High City.

It’s also a great test of a major league park to see it function with a full house. in this case, Coors Field held up well, with only a few minor glitches. An early visit to a concession stand found them out of hamburger buns, but lines moved quickly, and the staff was friendly. The concourses were crowded, but passable, and the ushers did a good job managing entry to the seating bowl without disturbing the already seated patrons during at-bats.

Like all major league parks, concessions are expensive.  they do have a few signature items. The Rockie Dog is a quality footlong dog, served with peppers, onions and sauerkraut. Rocky Mountain Oysters are available, but I’m not going anywhere near them, nor would I know what made a good one. For a splurge, the Mountain Ranche Bar and Grille takes reservations inside the park, and Coors is also the original home of Blue Moon Beer at the Sandlot Brewery.

In summary, this is a place you could see a lot of games, and always have a good time.  this is a good thing, as if you live in the Denver area, you have the Rockies, the Sky Sox in Colorado Springs, or an 8 hour trip to Utah as your drivable choices.

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  • Interleague game. Nice. Coors is a beautiful venue. It’s a shame that they now use a humidor for the baseballs to make them dryer and harder to hit at a far distance.

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